Have you ever wondered why you are luckier or unluckier than most? There must be something in your sacred space or feng shui. Every year you should check your flying star numbers to see how you will fare in the upcoming year. This is a general outlook for those staying in certain sectors of the home in 2018.

Wealth and Luck

In general this year will be blessed with a strong foundation and overall good luck. Anything that represents wealth to you should be displayed here.

 Love and Creativity

Anyone staying here will find mother nature encouraging love and fertility. Also for scholar types this will enhance your desire for writing.

Cash and promotion

Last year may have felt like climbing uphill. But this year expect lucky windfalls, raises and possible promotions. Keep your eyes on the prize.

EAST (7) CENTER (9) WEST (2)
 Violence and Deception

Be careful with strangers. Chances of some kind of theft will be higher than usual. Suppress with water features.

Enhance Everything

Whatever monthly number enters this sector will be enhanced whether it be good fortune or misfortune. Enhance with fire. Suppress with water.

 Small illness

You might find a nagging cold or cough bothering you. Try to face or sleep with your head in your health direction.

Possible negativity.

Can be remedied with fire. Light candles throughout the year.

 5 Yellow – Illness and Loss – Must be remedied. Use metal to enhance sector and suppress bad effects.

Three killings – Bad luck three ways. Remedy with celestial creatures.

 Victory and Luck

Grand Duke Jupiter – Must keep quiet and not face head on.

Enhance with a Pi Yao.