Product description

This is one of the most powerful clearings you will ever experience.

There are a number of reasons you should clear and balance your chakras. Not only does it helps you relax and remove stress instantaneously. It will accelerate healing of chronic issues, improve your psychic senses and help you improve your connection with spirit. If you are a collector or paranormal artifacts or haunted items your objects will come alive with energy enveloping you while you sleep. Those who are in the know…know. If you don’t believe and don’t collect, that’s fine. This meditation will still help heal you, by unblocking subconscious issues that have plagued most of us for a lifetime. Face it, stress is a major contributor to chronic illness. Chances are you need to de-stress NOW.

The body is capable of healing itself naturally. But any time we have other thoughts and hang-ups that prevent us from allowing healing to occur. It could be negative thinking, disbelief, self-manifestation, believing in a curse, etc. Afterall the brain is the center of your ability to do anything, and sometimes bad feelings just get in the way. So what do you feed your brain? Sometimes we just need to believe the right message and things would change dramatically.

This meditation will clear all your chakras and realign them so you are realigned to your life’s purpose. Some cultures have 7 chakras, while others have 9 chakras. Mine focuses on 12. The main 7 only deal with feelings whereas the back chakras deal with the will to make it happen.

After listening to this, you’ll be:

  • Motivated and focused
  • Be more relaxed than you’ve been in the past
  • Healthier
  • Able to heal old emotional wounds
  • Able to manifest things with your thoughts
  • Unblock your creative visions
  • Clear blocks to the spiritual realm
  • Give a good vibe
  • Glow
  • Be open to others
  • And much more.

Back when I used to do live healing sessions this was the hypnotic language I used to help people self-heal chronic health issues like regaining a regular menstrual cycle after one year of not having it, getting regular sleep, correcting digestive orders, desire for a healthy lifestyle, removing creativity blocks, as well as psychic blocks, have a more intimacy and satisfaction. It’s hard to say what it will do for you since opening all the chakras will clear a lot of subtle energetic issues.

I used to charge $100 per crystal healing session. So this price is a steal since I want to get this out to as many people as possible. Flying out to see every person is just not a good way to spread the message.

Be warned, it might make some of you cry as that is part of the healing process. Those with deep emotional scars really need to heal them now!

For those who work with spiritual energies and entities it will deepen your bond with source. Remember a wish that comes true is a wish from the heart and this will teach you how to increase heart energy to connect to the divine.

Just listen to this 7 days every other day for 30 minutes a day or until you can access these traits at will. Results can be relatively quick.