Product Description

Get an in depth reading of your homes Feng Shui layout. Hard work, determination and a willingness to succeed is great. But why not secure that with Feng Shui to make sure you are in-tuned with the tides of change. When it comes to luck and being in tuned with the flow, there are three levels of influence one should be aware of, and these are:

1. Heaven’s Luck
2. Feng Shui’s Luck
3. Man made luck

Heaven’s luck could be anything from astrological transits, divine intervention, and good karma in general. Feng Shui’s luck or rather environmental luck is being in the flow of nature rather than against it. There are a few levels of environmental luck to observe such as the general landscape around your house like mountains and trees. Then there is the house itself, from the doors you enter and exit from, to the shape, to the flying stars that enter the house that influences how people and society are towards you. And of course finally there is the man made luck that comes from hard work and dedication of your craft as well as positive self affirmations that make you able to attract and catch on to an opportunity.

This feng shui reading will cover what you need to know about your home and it’s influence on your struggles and success. It covers what’s right and what’s wrong and how to fix it, if it can be fixed, recommendations, flying stars and what to expect out of this year.