Guided Meditations that Change Your World

Money Magnet Meditation


Attract money now!



Don’t let the news hypnotize you into believing you are helpless to the effects of the economy. The reality is that there is always someone making money. Don’t you wish you had their mind? Thoughts and beliefs, shape our reality. Tap your subconscious mind to give you confidence, ideas, and breakthroughs.

This Money Magnet Meditation helps change your energy into a money magnet. It will help you see opportunities, cancel out negative thinking, past defeats, and reprogram your brain to being positive and open again.

Any bad thoughts will be squashed with this meditation brainwave reprogramming MP3. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Just listen to a sample below.

It is a STRONG meditation so I would rotate your meditation to avoid meditation overload. This best done on a weekend once a week, since it can be a bit disorienting for half a day or so. Have faith as your vibration changes to attract good things.


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