Guided Meditations that Change Your World

Psychic Vision Meditation


Turn on your psychic visions. This meditation will help induce visions and images to connect with your natural psychic abilities.


What would you do if you had better psychic abilities?

Would you use it to read for yourself and others? Would you gamble more? Or would you gamble less knowing when to bet and when to sit aside?  Would you trust your inner voice more and do what you envisioned rather than doubt yourself over and over again? Would you understand others and their intentions? Thus being able to keep good friends and kindly let go of those who need more growing. Imagine the relief you could feel if you knew when someone’s intention is out of the deepest love and care, versus the intention of a fake friend who is jealous and hoping you would fail. Imagine being able read their mind so well, you can call them out and shock them, to get them to stop their destructive habits. Imagine knowing how to react or what to say to improve rapport, trust and the quality of your relationships. Or perhaps you’re at the right place at the right time. Imagine being able to see the future of your greatest moments, so you can live in total and complete trust right now. Or be able to see the warnings to help you and your loved ones avoid them.

In this recording I use brain synchronizing technique, with an ultra deep induction to get rid of thought forms that creates confusion thus holding you back. It’s like a brain reset button, to return you to who you were when you were at your most organized, productive and focused self with an added increase in your psychic abilities. This download will turn on your psychic abilities, so you can become better at receiving visions.

Other benefits include:

  • Sleeping easier
  • More vivid dreams
  • Receive more visions while awake or asleep

Without meditation, the mind can become chaotic leading us to unnecessary anxiety and paranoia. Erratic emotions often lead us to make wrong choices in regards to money, jobs, relationships and well being. When we are in constant fear mode we can easily cling on to thoughts that have no benefit to our well being, and thus repeat unhealthy vicious cycles. However, meditation without a purpose can also easily turn us indifferent to the material world. But a deep guided meditation with a certain messages, will help you focus your drives and desires to achieve your goals. Opening up your psychic abilities can add more depth to your perception, and increase the quality of your interaction with others.

This Psychic Vision Meditation is a 30 minute guided meditation to help turn on and induce psychic visions using an ultra deep induction and binaural beats to sink you into the theta levels. There is voice in the first 20 minutes and 10 minutes of theta level inducing beats to allow a vision to come through uninterrupted.

If this is your first meditation, pace it out once a week, if you’re you’re used to it you can do it every other day. And if you’re a binaural beat addict, do what you want. =)

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