What is astral projection? In the metaphysical view your body is made up of more than just your physical body. There are layers of energy bodies that can separate when your mind is awake, but the rest of you is asleep. In this article we’ll only cover your astral body. When you astral project, your astral body appears to leave your physical body and enters a space or dimension that is like a canvas to paint a hypothetical reality before it comes real.

Astral Projection Meditation

The purpose of an astral projection is to let you know, you are more than your body, and there is more to existence than the physical body. It is for you to be aware, that your consciousness can be placed outside of your body. It might give you a glimpse into what death may feel like. Though, it is actually very peaceful and liberating as you find yourself able to float around and walk through walls. Well, it’s peaceful if you are aware other people find peace here. In the beginning, most people who start to astral project freak out and fall back into their bodies before anything can happen because they are unsure what is happening. But rest assure many people go through this and find a lot of joy from it.

Now is this space simply a dream space? Yes and no. It’s like asking is visualization a dream state? Depends how deep your mind is. A visualization become a dream when you the driver let’s go. Astral projection is like a visualization except your perspective is not from your physical body. It’s just another place the mind can be while the body is still. Also in dream space you have visual images, that might have been subconsciously buried or picked up by your psychic antenna to later weave some meaningful or random story. Usually you don’t have control of the outcome, until you become lucid. And lucid dreams are often the precursor for astral projection. You can find a lot of great videos on Youtube for lucid dreams. As I won’t go into the how to’s in this article.

So does that make lucid dreams a dream of astral projection? Or is it the real deal? That’s for you the viewer to experience and answer on your own. What fun would it be if I gave you the answer?

I will say that often times athletic people go into astral projections after wearing the physical body out, and also others who go through emotional trauma will also leave their body. It’s a way for the astral self to take a break basically.

In this state, things may appear solid, just like your real room, but in fact it is another dimension of your room. It’s liken to tuning into another radio frequency of the current reality. Your mind is the dial as to which frequency you want to tune into. You have the physical frequency which is where we all reside when we are awake, and we have the astral frequency where we are met with spirit beings that can help, harm us, communicate or merge with us and offers love and pleasures.

It’s actually unknown if you do project every night as some believe they do, but can’t remember the experience. It’s like asking if you can’t remember something, then did it ever happen? This is where we get into quantum physics which will be covered more in future articles. The basic premise is, everything is happening right now, and what you tune into is what is what you believe to be “reality”. So it’s up to you to pick what you want to tune into. Yes, you the observer can pick any reality you want. You just need to want it bad enough.

This is where practicing visualization in the astral space is important as you may soon see things you visualize in this state can come to be, and these can be things that appear outside of your control, like the rain for instance. When you become more and more proficient at imagining things in the astral you become a better manifestor. Rain and weird weather is actually not outside of your control. It’s holding on to that frequency consistently that is difficult.

If you think about the mind, how hard is it to imagine you are happy? For some, it is really hard. But really, it isn’t. You just need to be able to hold on to the visualizations long enough to feel it happening, thus becoming your reality. If everyone was aware they could do that, then we’d be in a great world now wouldn’t we?

So the challenge of the human race, or rather the human mind is to all agree to be happy. This is why a supposedly loving God appears to create destruction and suffering, when in reality we are allowing that image to permeate our minds. Spend a week day dreaming about how you want life to be. And you will see what it can be around you. The more people who participate the more this reality the more happiness can spread around the world.

One time I was in the astral state and saw myself flying above the earth blasting it with heart energy. Then a few days later a woman stopped me to tell me the universe said I had a beautiful heart and that not many people could recognize it. Then asked for a hug. Since then random strangers would tell me how awesome I am. The universe reflects back what you give it. And that is totally true.