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Why It Isn’t Working?

Quite often when we embark on the journey for change and growth we may be set back by our old patterns. After the thrill of walking across the pit of hot coals, jumping out of planes, attending every self help seminar and listening to gurus all promising this time it will be lasting, one inevitably […]

The So Called Family Curse

Consciousness is energy and energy remains conscious. Long after your family members pass away, their bodies may be gone, but their energetic emotional burdens don’t just disappear. Sometimes, the child unknowingly inherits these burdens on an energetic level. Often times the sadness, regret, anger or unresolved issues passes from generation to generation creating what appears […]

Your Thoughts Have Life

Whether you are happy or suffering, remember your thoughts have life. Some people get more of the same things because they think of the same things. At first, it may not seem like anything, but later one may question why certain things always happen to them. Stop and ask yourself why ARE you always attracting […]

How to Meditate

This article will explain how to meditate effectively. Meditation is more than just closing your eyes and breathing. It is a state of calmness that draws you into a deeper trance. It is the trance that is the part of the brain that controls manifestation. Many magical religions use mediation to access insights and spiritual […]

The Benefits of Meditation

While a little stress helps a person grow like in the case of exercise and growing a prosperous business, too much can cause imbalance leading to injury and ill health.  This is why taking half an hour every day to meditate is a necessity to bring your body, mind and spirit back to harmony. These […]

Manifestation Made Easy

Ever notice sometimes you can think about something or someone and they just appear? Are there moment in your life where you intentionally try to manifest something and nothing appears? I’m going to attempt to explain Abraham’s teaching about manifestation in a nutshell…and then I will add my discoveries. When you think of a thought, […]