I was inspired by my friend today to write about the power of the collective consciousness. He is a new convert to the Bible and explained God can punish people by creating natural disasters like flood and such.  I, on the other hand, am of the belief God is within us, and from my observations such negativity might have an influence on natural disasters.

If you follow the New Age studies you might have heard that we are vibrational beings that can attract conditions in our lives and others’ base on our negative or positive emotions. With negative emotions, these conditions can be, in forms of lack, accidents, wars, weather abnormalities, etc. Though negative is relative. Some of us are greater people because of our struggles, making us learn empathy and determination. However the negative I am talking about is simply being negative like hating people, wanting to kill them, hurting them, and being cruel in general. If the source of negative vibrations could be measured statically and be correlated with the weather wouldn’t you be interested?

When we give off negative vibrations, be certain those around us will respond negatively, including possibly Mother Nature.  It is very possible the weather is part of the collective consciousness and has an intelligence of its own. How else would native American Indians be able to perform the rain dance and successfully make it rain in moment? In order to be able to call something and have it perform, it must have a consciousness, or at the very least be linked to the caller. If you are Native American, chances are you know what I am talking about. The rest, just read along.

BTW, coincidence is an answer for those who don’t want to try to know. But the rest of us all know, there is no such thing as a coincidence. As Albert Einstein once said, “God doesn’t play dice with the world.”

Below is a map image from an SFGate article measuring hateful homophobic, racist and disability tweets. And below that is the map of the areas with the most natural disasters from the NY Times.

Ironically, according to this US map, the greatest natural disasters lies around the Bible Belt. While not all those who read the Bible are full of hate, it is known that religious fanatics love to tell people God will punish others who disbelieve with horrible weather conditions like floods, storms, etc. And where do they congregate? See map.

Would I be so rude to say if you believe in the Bible you will be struck by a hurricane? No. But many who are fanatical followers of the Bible have no problems saying something just as offensive to the rest of us because they believe it is “the truth.” My fellow readers, the truth is in measurable data. Everything else is a guess at best.

What I am saying is that it is possible they (the collective of those areas) created this reality for themselves. Surely within the Bible Belt there are people of other religions. When the Bible person believes God punishes the guilty or non believer with the weather, unfortunately the weather cannot affect just one. So, it affects several towns with innocent people as well.

Of course, according to my maps, correlation is not necessarily causation. Unfortunately, data for the 1500’s for weather activity was not available when the first settlers came in. And whatever you said wasn’t recorded in “tweets.”

People may argue if it is recorded on a tweet, one can guess the demographics to be tech savvy, young and only gives us an idea of what is to come in our younger generations. Being a tweeter doesn’t necessarily tell us their age or tech savvy. Turning on a computer or phone doesn’t take much effort, as people want to believe. If indeed it is only the young tweeting hateful slurs, then where did they learn this behavior? Perhaps, they learned it from parents and community.

Does this mean anyone can change the weather on demand? This is not what the map suggests. I merely suggests a correlation hateful thoughts of the collective in that area, and the weather. I say thoughts because, what we tweet isn’t necessarily what we say to a stranger when we meet them. As you know southern hospitality has a reputation for saying the sweetest things.

An individual’s negativity affects himself first, then might affect a little of the whole. But be part of the bigger group and together they can be like a God for better or worse. Personally, it’s fine and wonderful to want to learn about religion and various philosophies to connect with source.  But one should make it a solo journey first and avoid recruiting yes men to fill the emptiness. Unfortunately, some organized religions and ideologies are all about recruiting yes men to support each other in their unsubstantiated beliefs. But if anyone tells you God punishes, show them this article.

My point is God is within all of us and not some outside force dividing up punishment for everyone who disagrees what the right belief is. The power of the collective is strong and alive. If we all have a little God within us, why gather against other people? When you meditate you will find that true source on earth exists within thy fellow man of all beliefs. So use this knowledge wisely.