In this article we’re going to discuss whether or not binaural beats work.

First what is a binaural beat? A binaural beat occurs when there are tones of different frequencies in each ear. The difference is the binaural beat. For example if one ear plays 110hz and the other plays 120hz the binaural beat is 10hz. That’s the beat the brain “hears” or rather registers. Normal wakefulness is around 12-36hz.  However, the ideal meditative state is Theta which is between 4-8hz. Below that would drop you into sleep. When the difference is zero, that means the same frequency is in each ear so it doesn’t have a binaural beat.

Second, let’s define what we mean by “work.” Much like a babbling brook or the sound of water falling, binaural beat has an effect on relaxation. Yes, it could work in relaxing you.  But like anything mind related, you can only be affected if you allow yourself to let go. If you don’t want t relax, then you won’t and the sound will only irritate you because it’s going against your natural rhythm. So in other words, the easiest way to understand it, is that the binaural beat is like a rhythm. How that rhythm affects an individual has a lot of variables, including the person’s current brain frequency. A binaural beat isn’t going to work if say you’re about to fall off a cliff. The heighten state your mind is at when you are stressed out is sometimes like feeling like you’re going to fall off a cliff. So in other words it can only work with you not against you.

Another way to look at why it affects people differently is to observe people listening to rock music. When people listen to rock music, does everyone want to rock it out? No, sometimes old people get annoyed. Because it’s not matching their current rhythm/frequency. Now if we matched the current rhythm initially, we can lead the listener to down to where we want.

So binaural beats on it’s own, for the first 10 minutes might not do much because your mind is still chattering away at your daily list of to do’s or and recalling emotional events. However, with the help of verbal suggestions it becomes easier to relax relatively quicker. And in that state of relaxation you start moving down to the theta brainwave range.

All other claims like spiritual mastery, bending matter, etc. is a stretch. Not to say it’s not possible, but there is actually more than just entraining the  brain’s rhythm. Though learning how to meditate is the first step in connecting with other worldly forces if one is inclined to believe in such.

What about healing? Do binaural beats work in that area? This is where it gets dicey. With my background in hypnotherapy I will say when you are less stressed, your body and immune system can work in harmony, and so some healing appears like a miracle. When you are stressed believing you won’t get better your brain is blocking much of your healing potential. For instance, higher blood pressure or shallower breaths can result in a lack of oxygen being able to deliver nutrients to the system, is just an example of how your body isn’t cooperating as it needs to. Thus an acute issue from external forces can turn into a chronic one carried on by the internal forces. When you are in the state of belief, your physiology is in the state of agreement thus easier to receive data.

With that said, when you entrain the brain, it wouldn’t be impossible to give the brain a rhythm to reset the physiology. But it’s not as simple as  listen to this number of hertz and it will cure xyz.

Here’s an example of a meditation I created using binaural beats and a vocal induction that leads you down to deep theta so you receive visions.