You might be wondering does money meditation work, or is this another one of those magical thinking principles? I’ll tell you what doesn’t work: negative thinking, worrying and spending all your time researching arguments to prove it doesn’t work. We can argue our way to success or we can argue our way into analysis paralysis. If you don’t believe in yourself, then who can? Making a habit of arguing about the powers of your own mind and giving it limits is only stunting you and those who agree with you. And is that what you want in your life? Limits?

Money meditations work by getting rid of that inner critic, you know that voice that tells you why everything and anything can’t happen because you are missing XYZ in the equation. Guided meditations allow you to daydream a little, see the possibilities in your mind’s eye until it begins to inspire you and floods you with emotion to get you to act.

It’s true meditation is not action, and action really is what makes all the difference. But stop and ask, is your actions based on a clear mind or a chaotic one? Which mind has a higher probability of making mistakes and which can quickly learn from their mistakes? The answer is obvious. When you meditate you are able to access the deepest parts of your mind where all the rules and guidelines on how to succeed are stored. Today we’re not going to argue whether you’re accessing the universal mind or deep buried memory. For most of us, we already know what to do, but for some reason keep on doing the opposite. It’s like you build momentum to go a certain way and then doubt tells you to make a U-turn…every…time…The more you work on changing that programming, the better off you will be.

I’m currently working on a stock trader’s meditation because you know who insane the market can get. A lot of people out there already know the rules but can’t control their emotions for the life of them. Knowing and doing is two different things. I recommend going to and play past stock charts until you get used to pattern recognition. Here’s an example of me compounding my gains. It’s not real money. It’s practice. But it’s pretty fun. In the meantime, my Money Magnet Meditation┬áhas some pretty cool reviews on YouTube.