It’s half way through the year. The world is getting back to normal-ish. I can’t say 2020 was hard for me, but it was definitely a year many people’s manifestation took a hit. We had so many prayers from both sides of the political arena that it’s not surprise weird things happened. It’s seemed like manifestations got jumbled up and backlogged. And it was if we were sabotaged spiritually by the opposing party.

But what I did learn was when the universe tests you, the universe is testing your conviction. Can you remain focused and clear on your manifestation journey and when things get bumpy. There are times your will, is against a larger collective. And while some of us, like myself, wish we were so powerful our will can supersede the group’s will, sometimes we just have to face we are the minority. With that said I am glad the humanitarian team won.

I am grateful many have food on the table and money in the bank, even though it’s at the cost of delaying some people’s wealth accumulation. Note: no one’s wealth has stopped. It is merely delayed. Of course, it is perfectly normal to be angry things are not moving in the path we expected. But sometimes a better path opens. There are always better and smarter ways. But can we see beyond the trees? Or do we get caught in agreeing with other people’s negativity and lose focus in our own magic.

I am grateful for the break we were given to reassess what is important. Grateful for the awakening. Grateful for many openly embrace their spirituality and minds have opened to possibility, even if it is just a crack.