Do you want to get a better connection with your spirits? This article will give you some ideas on how to improve your meditation so you can connect with your spirits. There are many levels of connection, and it depends on your natural abilities,  daily practice and actually having a spirit there. You can speed up your meditation practices by using guided meditation. Because sometimes it’s hard to convince the logical mind to relax. Guided meditation are clear instructions on how to relax. Some employ special language patterns to bypass the critical mind.

When a spirit comes to you it maybe in various ways.  They can come to you in a vision, like a clear image coming to you without your control, or sometimes a dream. They can come from the outside, showing you streaks of light, shadows, orbs, or balls of lights in the air. Though the clearest ways they manifest is through feelings, like a touch, energy swirl, or an electrical buzz. Others may find that they come though voices.

There are other details in your surroundings that may enhance or decrease your ability to tune in such as your surrounding. Usually when I’m by myself I like to listen to meditation recordings with headphones. What I noticed was that where I am forces me to adjust my brain waves to match the environment. The difference between listening to meditation in your quiet sacred space versus wandering around in a grocery store is very clear. When I walked into the grocery store with my headphones on, I can immediately feel a conflict between my own alpha brainwaves (where I want to be) and the beta brainwaves of the alert, stressed out (where everyone else is). When you’re in that kind of moving, bustling, cash register money counting, grouchy customers, over worked employees environment it’s harder to focus effectively. For most people, it takes time to wind down to see and feel the details of their environment. And that seems to be one of the reason why people can’t connect with spirits. They just have so much distractions, that it makes it hard to pay attention to the minute shifts of energies in their environment.

This seems to be a problem with many of my clients in Asian countries, where their home is by noisy roads and loud families, either with screaming babies or demanding relatives. Which makes going to temples so much more magical, because there is so much quiet and stillness it makes it easier to be able to sense the shifts of temperature, wind, etc. Though being able to sense spirits is something you have intentionally to seek. Because there is so much data in your environment, the conscious mind may brush off any manifestation as an imagination, a fluke, or the wind.

So it is important to set a room or space that is silent and sacred. The next best thing is to go to a library, church, temple, or secluded forest. Make sure no one is around. Here’s the thing though, this space has to be quiet and safe enough, that you can fall asleep. The goal though is to not fall asleep entirely. Fall enough where you are still aware of your outside surrounding, but not to the point you are snoring.

You might want to have keys or a ball in your hand, so when it drops you wake up and know you went too far. It’s in this between state that sensitizes you to spirit and inspiration. Many inventors believe great ideas were given to them from the outside in, as if lead by someone other than themselves. The word inspiration means. in spirit.

Once you find the space, it’s time to pick out the meditation. So what kind of meditation should you listen to? Anything that can put you into a theta brainwave is best. You’ll find that spirit somehow likes to come when you are about to sleep. That’s because this is the ideal state of receptivity. My chakra meditation has helped many connect with their paranormal artifacts. I’ve heard reports of people sensing an electrical shock through their arm when holding onto the vessel, you may even experience swirls of energy that just want to come out and be near you because of all the love vibrations you emit. Not all chakra meditations are the same. Pick one that can stir up deep love, and has a voice you like, and you’ll find you connection with your spirits deepening.

Love is magical because it opens you up and makes you more sensitive. When people are in love all their chakras are open. When you are emitting that much love, it is like honey for your spirits. They will make themselves known and offer you great blessings and companionship.