1185531_meditation_2This article will explain how to meditate effectively. Meditation is more than just closing your eyes and breathing. It is a state of calmness that draws you into a deeper trance. It is the trance that is the part of the brain that controls manifestation. Many magical religions use mediation to access insights and spiritual powers. There are many ways to meditate. You can do this sitting up or laying down. Sitting up of course prevents you from falling asleep, while laying down allows you to go deeper without having to hold yourself up. Personally, I prefer laying down to see how far I can go into the mind before falling asleep since that is the deepest parts of the mind where reprogramming and controlling the outcome of a vision occurs. Though when I sit up I am more aware. The only problem is that the head may flop over as you try not to fall asleep and cut the vision short. Others sit in the lotus position so they can purposely cut of the oxygen to the legs and have it just run through the mind. Personally I like to be comfortable. There are advance meditations out there with specific hand positions and such, but this article covers the basics of deep meditation techniques for beginners. So when you find a comfortable position. Focus on the center of your forhead and close your eyes. Pay attention to the breath, then control it so it slows down to a relaxing pace. Inside your head feel yourself dropping to deeper and deeper into various levels of awareness. It should feel like a dropping feeling in the mind. With each breath drop down lower. And if your mind starts to wander focus on the breath by labeling it inhale and exhale. From there allow the relaxation to take over. In some meditation it is important to keep a blank mind, while in others they have you visualize a shape and keep it there. Whereas guided meditation will tell you exactly what to pay attention to. By doing so you can release the thoughts that plague you day to day while reprogramming yourself with newer more positive thoughts. You can try my meditation mp3.