fourth slide imageEver notice sometimes you can think about something or someone and they just appear? Are there moment in your life where you intentionally try to manifest something and nothing appears? I’m going to attempt to explain Abraham’s teaching about manifestation in a nutshell…and then I will add my discoveries.

When you think of a thought, there is a positive and negative end to the thought. In a nutshell, where your emotional energy is concentrated, that’s what you manifest. For instance, thinking “I want a lover” means you can have two different vibrations. You’re either vibrating I want a lover; I am ready love, willing to love and am happy to meet him soon. Or you are vibrating I want a lover, because I don’t have one, I feel unloved, unattractive without one, and I don’t want to be with this or that kind of person. Well….what you vibrate is what you get, regardless of what you want. So pick the right attitude/vibration. Observe your life’s manifestations and it wll all become clear.

Why is manifestation of a parking spot easier than manifestation of  a lover for some? Because there tends to be less negative emotional vibration associated with one, unless of course you’re new and visiting San Francisco. People who hate San Francisco, have a harder time manifesting a parking spot in San Francisco than the guys who love that place. But the day the hater puts aside their hate and are in San Francisco to attend something they love, suddenly a parking spot just appears. Really pay attention to the vibration. The vibration is equivalent to the attitude.

If your logic says, “No way, that’s stupid” and then get mad thinking I’m lying to you. Guess what you get? Right. You might even say well if it was easy to begin with I would be in a good mood. The question is, does circumstance control your emotions or do your emotions control circumstance? Both are true, what you get is what you believe in more.

Now, sometimes it is THAT simple, but sometimes when you uncover the veil, you realize there are spiritual energies in play. Some of us have a better connection to them than others. Some of us channel our energies better, so the minute a thought comes in, we tend to act on it faster. We act on it faster because we KNOW. Usually right brain people have easier access to imagination. Now you might be thinking how is imagination is real? Think of it this way, whatever material object you can touch came from someone’s imagination, your computer, iPhone, interface, clothes, etc. Albert Einstein even said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Therefore imagination is real. And yes, it starts out all in your head. How it manifests is up to you.

So when you are feeling crappy and low, do something fun, avoid at all cost to post and tell sad stories to invoke sympathy, because by doing, so you keep yourself in a low vibration, attracting low vibration results, without ever learning to how to create thoughts that increase your own vibration. However, there are other energetic individuals that can step in and pull some strings in the background to get you off on the right foot. It is still up to you to maintain your own vibration.

Some tools that help change these vibrations are: watching comedies, learning something new, creating art, listening to self affirmations, hypnosis, ETF, and participating in other sacred rituals just to name a few. The more often you do these things, the better you will be at maintaining and changing your vibrations.