Product description

This book is AMAZING. A must try ritual. The limit to how much you can ask for is your own internal beliefs. For me, tried this back in 2015 just to see if I could get some money to buy a house. At the time, I had the credit, but not the full two years of employment. So who would even sell me a house?¬†Just my luck a family friend decided to seller finance her paid off house to me. By 2018 it was completely paid off. The kicker is I didn’t work for this money. I just hung out and did the noble work for almost free family business.

But after the ritual, I became a total believer. It’s not something I’d want to abuse, because who knows what kind of poor character habits I may create for myself.

But anyways when you ask, the universe will open all channels to cashflow. If you are concerned money may come through an inheritance by death, then make sure you say the line about harm none.

You can read the reviews. Essentially nothing will happen without your time, effort and belief. Belief cost nothing. Knowledge, however, is an ongoing expense. LOL.