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The Mind Illuminated

The nuts and bolts of Meditation for the practical individual, with scientific studies to back up benefits claims.

Product description

Before any manifestation work can succeed, you must learn the foundation of meditation to eliminate contradictory thoughts. We are always manifesting but which thought takes precedence over others? Everybody wants something good, but not everyone has the right mindset to get something good. Even though want is a thought, it alone is not powerful enough to create changes. It must be fueled by clarity and a plan of action. And consistent attention to the thought. This book is pretty much the A-Z of Buddhist meditation. While a single blog post can give you summaries, this goes into the nitty gritty to help you get the complete benefits of meditation. The language is suited for the rational minded so it isn’t chock-full of metaphysical concepts. But it is effective nevertheless as a primary foundation for all your manifestation work.

Get solid about your daily meditation and watch your world unfold back to bliss and harmony.

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