Before you can accomplish anything, you must remove negative energy.

Sometimes we try and try to meditate or listen to positive affirmations but our surrounding energy just won’t allow the truth to penetrate. The truth is, the only way to change the world outside, is to go within and change the inside world. And in doing so, miracles may begin to happen. Your environment will  shift to make your desires a reality. If you are efficient enough, you will see this happening in the literal sense even.

In order to effectively create change, you must remove all doubts, negative thinking and preprogrammed judgments. Judgment actually causes internal conflicts which leads to confusion about what you should want and what you really want, as well as how to act to best suit our environment vs. how to best suit your own life. All forms of negativity whether it came from self doubt, or caring friends and family, is still negativity and must be removed to achieve your end goal.

Unlike other self help writers, I don’t recommend removing people who care about you but are currently unenlightened. They too have been influenced by their negative peers or family members, thus believing their negativity will keep you safe. While trying to protect you from unknown devils, they unknowingly let their imagination run wild and become the whispering devil of doubt themselves. Of course if you chose to let them talk, then there is always a possibility their reality will override yours. Often times, they’d like nothing more to be able to say, “I told so.” And the since universe often complies with everyone’s wish…guess what happens? Sometimes a little bit of their wishes bleeds into your life!

It’s important to not share too much. Just enough to keep a pleasant connection, but not so much they re-write your life’s story for you with their recycled unoriginal opinions. Because there will be a time when you figure it out and can calmly show them a different way of looking at things without imposing. Why be enlightened and alone, when you can have adoring friends and a pleasant family life on your way up to the top?

So how do you remove these negative influences without removing those people? It’s important to really like yourself. To be able to enjoy moments where no one is around. Or rather no one who is a negative influence around. Find things in your life that make you feel good. For me, it’s often hiding in the book store, reading someone’s positive experience, sipping iced green tea or smoothie. Sometimes it’s a day at the spa, a manicure and pedicure, a simple salt bath or inhaling my favorite fragrance.

Scent is actually one of the most powerful ways to lift your spirit because the effect can cross the blood brain barrier, and whatever you think about gets sent directly to the brain without interference.  A good scent always lifts the mood. This is why burning of incense, herbs, candles, etc.  is part of many kinds of ritual. Unless you hate the scent, then that ritual may have a bad effect because of your negativity towards the scent.

Ritual really is all about getting into the proper state of receiving your desires from the universe. First you need to remove the current negative state of mind, then you can make a proper request. When you remove the negative things that holds you back, your signal will be crystal clear, therefore there is no chance of letting an unconscious negative thought counter your positive wish.

It is always negativity that trips us up and makes us miss the opportunities. How many times have said to yourself, “If only I trusted myself” but didn’t because you were busy listening to someone else’s voice? Even if you are arguing with that other voice, the act of arguing means you heard something, whether correctly or incorrectly, and now are feeling negative.

With that said, there is a metaphysical principle that what you put out there you get three times back. So if you did put some negativity out there, don’t be surprised if it comes back and messes you up while your busy trying to troubleshoot why the law of attraction didn’t work for you. Some of the best self help gurus for the purpose of making a sale, have a habit of putting down the competitors, or bringing up negative aspects in other people, without realizing they are publishing their thoughts on a mass scale.  Imagine the boomerang effect it can have if you pissed off 10 or 100+ people times three. Just don’t do it!

So it is also important to forgive and be forgivable, if anything for the purpose of removing yourself from all forms of negativities. Find your bliss. If you can’t find it on the inside yet, remember the times you found it on the outside, then do and think those things to get the ball rolling.