Why embark on this path of self improvement? For one, it can help your relationships and your relationships are the foundation of your existence. Whether it be your relationships with  your coworkers, boss, or loved ones, it is important to continually pay attention to how your attitudes affect your environment, either bringing you much pleasure or resistance to growth.

When we improve the self, we are really improving our connection with our source — and source is everything and everyone. I once had a friend who pretty much ever girl I knew used to be obsessed over, and I asked him if he had ever been obsessed over anyone, he said no he had only been obsessed over himself. How arrogant you may be thinking. While that was disturbing it reveals an interesting dynamic that I’ve seen time and time again, where the more you love and take care of yourself the more others like moth to a flame will want to love and take care of you, but to do the reverse, you risk being walked over and taken for granted. Unless of course you gave yourself equal care to yourself and the one you love. Often times though, those that have no self love over compensate believing these acts will bring more love towards them, but unfortunately it often does the reverse. So they instead end up losing important relationships, not because they care for others, but because they don’t care about themselves.

So improvement of the self is actually improvement of your relationship with yourself, thus translates as a good attitude. And only when we have a good relationship with our self can we bring this to our other relationships. We know what we like to hear, we know who we like enough to allow to influence us, we know how we want to be treated, and so on and so forth.

When we have friction, we know what we want but are not giving it to the other person who wants the same thing or vice versa.  That’s when too much focus on the self makes you forget about other people. The cure of course is to recognize this and use apply what you’ve learned to the people you want to influence.