In this article we’ll discuss the role of time and how to speed up your manifestations. When I first started this path of inquiry, I always wondered if magick was real. I’d see some online ad and then would always see the disclaimer that magick takes time and you can’t expect something instantly or overnight. Being the skeptic, I immediately thought what a cop out. But then again, truth can only be found through experience.

So I tried it, and as some results started to occur, I questioned why. Like why this thought and not that thought manifested? Why at this time and not sooner or later?

The reason I found why some thoughts happen and some don’t, is because it is either a thought held in the conscious mind (the logical mind) which is at a different brain wave level than a thought held at a deeper level (the feeling mind). The beta brainwave is where your mind resides when it’s doing calculations, debating, weighing things out, etc. The alpha levels are where you just begin to relax the chatty mind, and are opened to consider things. And finally the theta levels if held long enough, before dropping into delta, is where you are communicating with directly with the universe and all it’s beings, past, present and future. They may appear to be random faces of people or entities. Some may be family members, others strangers. Within this realm, you interact with other images and consciousness to  mold your reality. OK, so that answers which thoughts stands in front of the line.

As for the second question, I sat there and thought about hypothetical scenarios. OK, let’s say I wanted to manifest rain as I usually do. Why not that instant? Why not within this window of time? Anyone who practices  the law of attraction with success, will soon tell you that you can imagine owning a car, but it just doesn’t happen out of thin air. The car doesn’t appear in your driveway like a video edit cutting to the car. In video editing you can cut out time. In real life, you cannot. Unless of course you were under anesthesia and just woke up to a brand new (fill in the blank). That’s the closest we have to cutting out time. As long as you are awake, you get to witness time and all that happens while you are awake. What people miss is, there is an in between period where your mind and the universe conspire to make something happen.

Much like the weather there needs to be enough time to change the current course. The sun needs to be hot enough to cause evaporation, leading to condensation, all which takes time. The speed, depends on the current circumstance and current dominos set up, which can take more or less time.

But sometimes when working with nature, there is limited things we can do, other than energetically connect with the universe and let it do it’s own thing. And by being able to do so, you will recognize this magick is real, as long as you recognize time is an undeniable component. Here’s an example. So I’ve been working on this end the drought meditation which I put into motion during the 2014 summer solstice.  I figured a reasonable time to end it would be one year. Now imagine if the drought could end that very day. What would it take? After several unusual weather patterns and rain all 2014, the news said it would still take trillions of gallons of water to fix the drought. Imagine if it rained trillions of gallons that day. We’d be dead and flooded out like ants under God’s hose.

So, as you can see, time is what separate the haves and have nots. You will get everything your soul desires, you just have to let the required time pass. Notice I said soul and not mind. When I speak of soul, I mean your feeling side versus your thinking side.  Both mind and soul have to have the same desire to create a true seemingly magical experience. Or else you’ll create half manifestations like something that appears promising but then dissipates into nothing.

Whether the manifestation happens fast or slow, it is combination of what is already set up to work for you, and the intensity of how much you want it, to pretty much by pass all the self imposed limitations.

For instance, it will take the average person 45 minutes from San Jose to San Francisco if there is no traffic. But it can happen exponentially faster if they are excited to get there. Sometimes somehow either the roads will clear (something you don’t control) or you floor the pedal (something you do control) or both. Generally speaking we all have the same basic wants, to get to that destination. But based on different intensity and focus levels, everyone will achieve what they desire at different levels of speed and magnitude.

It is important to exercise the mind daily, teaching it to focus. For instance, if you want more money, read more money making books, listen to money affirmations/meditation and go to seminars. Same with love relationships. You have to interact with others beyond reading texts and looking at pictures. If you’re not focused, opportunity may present itself but you might not be prepared to reap the rewards. You may believe your soul is desiring, but may find your mind stopping you.

The reason why any area of your life is missing, is simply because you don’t have enough focus, or rather, information to take action. This is why some people get stuck in a crush and can’t do anything about it. They often find someone attractive, but don’t have any information to encourage them to move forward or chase. Or you think you want that job, but there might not be enough information to compel you to apply. This is why long sales letter actually work better than short ones. The more information we give, the more what we offered is desired, as our mind gets saturated with the idea of that person or object.