1409438_58666667People often think spirituality is about being nice, ascending to great moral heights, and never suffering again. Unfortunately, that is far from the case. Spirituality is a double edge sword in this world of duality. Yes, on the light side of spirituality, you begin to question your negative patterns, may be become more thoughtful towards your fellow human beings, and have wants beyond the basic carnal and material needs. But there is a dark side to spirituality where our wants and needs bleed into other people’s lives. We may even witness negative manifestations messing other people including ourselves up.

Even the greatest mage can start feeling limitations of his being in this material world and start resenting the demands of his work for so little compensation. He might begin to act emotional, say insensitive things, and appear “unspiritual”. But the reality is that we are all spirits. Being spiritual is just recognizing there is spirit. You cannot call yourself spiritual if you do not recognize spirit. You may simply just be nice. Whether spirit is in our head or outside of our head, that is yet to be determined. In the spirit world, there are wraithful spirits and kind spirits. You cannot call yourself spiritual and ignore the fact negative influences exist. In order to navigate the spiritual world we must come to peace with them, and accept them. We must embrace the darkness in ourself to be able to understand them in another. That is the only way to take them out of their’s. When you understand your fellow dark being, you help them lower their guard and only then are able to shine a light on them.

Sometimes we are angry, sometimes we are kind. We are never one thing all the time. So there is never one label that can accurately portray who we are. There is never one life choice that can properly define who we are. Being spiritual also involves suspending judgement, as all emotions and emotional choices are part of the spirit. When you can look at someone and understand their frustration, diappointments, and questionable choices without judgement and fear, you enter a higher level of spirituality.

Yes, part of the path is about gaining knowledge and power. And of course it is natural to want to see how far these powers extend. But the most important power is the power over self. It doesn’t mean you’re going to be nice all the time, and always have control over your tongue and hot head, and never wish a bad thing on anyone. Far from it. It may happen, but not instantly. Believe me when I say this is harder than controlling the weather. Control over self sometimes requires you to recognize where you failed, rather than where others failed you, and not add fuel to the flame. Because spirituality is a double edge sword, recognize that all energy leads to its equivalent manifestation. The faster we recognize this the faster we can change the energy and evolve from the lesson. We may not stop the damage, but we can minimize it. The path of spirituality will show this to us very quickly.

It is important to remember that if we were perfect to begin with, we wouldn’t need to grow would we? We’d be off making trillions, with our perfect mate, in a perfect world where everyone likes us, and nothing ever goes wrong. Unfortunately, that is not the world we come from. We may have to settle for God giving us one really great lifelong friend, a mate that likes us 70% of the time, and having enough to eat, sleep and learn. But hey, is that so bad?

Spirituality is about acceptance of how the world is rather than what it should be. It’s about understanding current conditions and limitations and working your magic from there. The more we understand how things are, the better we can see how to navigate through them and create changes that seem miraculous.