1038835_meditateWhile a little stress helps a person grow like in the case of exercise and growing a prosperous business, too much can cause imbalance leading to injury and ill health.  This is why taking half an hour every day to meditate is a necessity to bring your body, mind and spirit back to harmony. These are just a few benefits of meditation. In some cases it can even heal you of chronic issues. If we don’t take care of the nagging stress, the universe has a way of stopping us in our tracks. Perhaps it could bring some hiccups like a bizarre illness, carpal tunnel, indigestion, abnormal weight gain or loss, depression, ulcers, etc. I think of it as our subconscious mind’s way of putting up a strike because it had enough. So, treat yourself well, you deserve it.

By meditating more, you can begin to tune into that inner voice. The inner voice is almost always right, sometimes ridiculously right. I say almost because nothing, not even in the name of science has been always right. Today the sun my rise in the east, but tomorrow sudden shifts in the axis may make it rise from the northeast. The reason our subconscious mind is right most of the time is because while the conscious mind is paying attention to x, the subconscious sees the rest of the world. There are times I’ve had a disagreement with myself about buying a scratcher ticket of a certain color in my head, it was a long and silly discussion –strange indeed. When  I finally gave in, I won $10 from a $1 investment. Sometimes there’s more on the line like which slot machine should I play. =) After years of disbelieving I would ever win, I won $100 after a minute of contemplation. See meditation can be fun. It’s not all serious fasting, no sex, and no gambling type of religious preaching, though there will be a time a person may choose that direction. In order for that direction to work, a person must choose to do so, and not be forced into it by peer pressure, guilt, or because someone thinks it’s good for you.

Now, is your inner voice that great it knows everything? Not quite. In meditation you may imagine meeting individuals or play with ingenious wild ideas. While we may think it is our idea, it perhaps could be our sensitivity and ability to connect to invisible power. I say perhaps because rather than pushing a belief, I am merely suggesting an alternative perspective. Whatever you chose to call this power, God, spirit, genies, angels, fairies, etc, it’s still conscious energy trying to communicate something we should know. And it is our receptivity to the subconscious mind that gets the message or not. Meditation helps train your sensitivity so you can better connect both the subconscious with the conscious.

In the case of me picking the right seat to win, my brain didn’t know which seat to take. So I waited for instructions. Some people call this method “grounding,” where you quiet everything and connect to the object you are inquiring about. In order to do that, we have to know what this state of stillness feels like. People who meditate are better at grounding than those who base decisions on emotions like fleeting hopes and fears. Those who let fleeting emotions control them usually lose more than they gain. While emotions make life rich, negative emotions tends to confuse more than help. So this is another reason meditation is beneficial. It gets rid of all the crazy noise and emotional baggage that leads us to make the wrong choice.

If you haven’t tried my chakra meditation, you should try it today. Collectors of spirited items, and paranormal artifacts who’ve had problem sensing energy may get a boost because these energies connect to heart chakra energy. This meditation clears all your chakras, but it’s most powerful moment is the heart chakra activation that teaches you how to flood your body with heart energy. Heart chakra energy is the connection to telepathy because it’s how we connect to all including source.  Click here to hear a sample..