Magnetize the law of attraction

To sum it up the law of attraction that is currently commercialized is really the law of attention. The law is, you get more of what you pay attention to. You want a rolex? Pay more attention to a rolex and suddenly you will have a desire to buy it. Somehow you will be motivated to save or earn more money to get it. While the this law of attraction is actually much deeper than that, this is what sells books to the masses. Though when it is focused on material possessions it’s actually quite a turn off for those in search of real spiritual truths, healing and ascension.

That’s not to say all things material is bad. Unless you plan to live in the mountains away from civilization, recognize, the majority of us participate in a material world. That is what our soul signed up for when we decided, “hey, I want to be human.” You can either have a good relationship with that, or one that resists growth. It’s nice to be able to be generous, and accept other people’s generosity, wouldn’t you say? But how can you give, if you have nothing to give.

To really use the law of attraction to it’s maximum power to really benefit yourself and everyone around you,  one must not commit to any disbelief or beliefs yet. Once you’ve successfully applied this laws to basic material needs, you can superimpose this law into other aspects of your life that is not so material and superficial. Allow yourself to experience the possibility that there are energies within your mind and outside of your mind at work.

As you unravel the matrix and it’s complex layers, you will begin to wonder if any expert really knows what they are talking about. Most of them are not going to reveal what they really believe, because to be a good sales person, they need to appear like their audience, and refer to their audience’s core values, whether or not it’s something they subscribe to. Only when you belong to their group, and are open, will they let you in to their secrets.

Why are there secret societies? It’s not necessarily because they are an all powerful groups trying to take over the world. But it is mostly to prevent ridicule, and rather be surrounded by trusted friends who believe in the same things.

I’m sure you’ve seen popular religions that imposed their teachings all over the streets and Youtube. It only makes them appear crazy to anyone outside of their group. So whether your beliefs works for you or not, it’s never a good idea to impose any kind of beliefs on a stranger. Here’s why, as a unique individual with unique experiences, you chose to read certain books, go to certain events, and have certain experiences, and it took you a long time to come up with your beliefs. To sum it up in a couple sentences or paragraph or thirty minute video even, can never do it justice. Though by calling anything a secret, suddenly you peak their curiosity to want to know more. That’s really all it is about. People will do their research on their own, and convince themselves.

The purpose of keeping well guarded secrets is this. If you don’t share your plans with those who don’t share your same beliefs, you can never be affected by their negativity. It’s a win win for everyone. You’ve seen how people get when they look for conspiracies. They take two facts that everyone can see, and make up a possible story in between, that seems logical, but is often riddled with illusions.

With that said, in order for the law of attraction to work at it’s maximum power you do have to study some occult principles and be familiar with some names that have the  power of collective beliefs behind them. Whether the name is Jesus, Buddha or any other, know that there is already a collective power around those names based on years of discussion, meditation and prayers. To me, anything mystical that requires faith or an outside entity is occult. Don’t believe? There are people who use scriptures from the bible for their “spell” casting. It’s called southern conjure. It totally looks like witchcraft. Check it out on Amazon. It’s a form of magic. And all magic is based on the law of attraction.

What the commercial version of the law of attraction leaves out, is which entity does what for fear of offending the reader. But if you know the spirit’s name, you have a higher chance of success than if you threw out a random wish to the universe. If you call out to an omnipresent being like God it may take some time for a wish to happen, as a lot of people are calling on him. Same with Jesus and Buddha. It’s not until you connect your heart with them, will you get to the front of the line so to speak. But why wait that long? In this elusive world of the matrix, there are billions of names as there are billions of humans, all bored and waiting to help.

The point is, sometimes you just have to let go and let a more powerful outside force guide you for a short while, because we afterall don’t know everything there is to know about anything. Sometimes our logical mind is faulty. How many times have you made an error in math? There you go, even the logical mind cannot be trusted 100% of the time. Once it’s on faulty logic it can really screw up the program. If you write computer programs at all, you’ve seen it happen over and over. Debugging can be a pain. Why pretend you know everything arguing over these things?

I’m not saying don’t say don’t trust yourself at all. Afterall, my meditations are all about trusting in yourself. I’m saying there has to be a belief of something greater than yourself to back you up. Just believing someone else, real or imaginary is backing you up will enable you to do things when fear may override your senses. This is why going to seminars to be surrounded by like minded individual often propels one’s dreams and vision.

That in a nutshell is the real secret of the law of attraction. When you get used to attracting material things for proof, start asking for immaterial things and then, you will have the true grasp of this power and all it’s wonders.