Whether you chose to see salt as a metaphysical tool to get rid of negativity, or a substance that can be described scientifically to heal you of various maladies you are right either way. While it can be argued both scientifically and metaphysically why it works, the fact remains that salt just works. Because before there was science there were folk cures that has helped many.

Salt water is the equivalent of Mother Earth’s blood. It is able to sustain life and heal the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspect of one’s self if taken the right way in the right amount. Saline solutions can keep a person alive for some time, salt baths can cure those with skin problems, such as psoriasis, acne, and other skin inflammation. Not to mention speed up recovery from flu and cold due to it’s detoxifying, antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Currently right now 56 children have died from the flu, some with the vaccine some without. Could this have been healed with a salt bath? My mother who is now almost 60, caught the flu and on the same day I was inspired to come up with a salt bath cure with various essential oils. About two or three days later her symptoms decreased while other fell ill to this flu even with the vaccine for a month. Now granted she took a Severe Cold and Flu medication as well. But when I took it, I didn’t use the salt bath, because it was that time of the month. I later felt my heart beating so fast and nearly unable to sleep, only to find out this strand of flu killed a child causing her cardiac arrest.

So now that I know, I am only more determined to get better. And yes, mind over matter helps. But a little salt can help boost your intention. Which goes back to the metaphysical way of looking at things. In many spiritual paths, ritual baths are required before any attempt in magic or prayer can start. Holy water often adds salt. Why? Because it is believe salt gets rid of evil spirits. The whole concept of spirit causing sickness is nothing new. In China, they believe when you get flu like chills, it is often the result of catching toxic wind in your pores, which is also described as spirit in some forms of medicine. And they use a green oil that contains eucalyptus to rub into the body with a quarter to release this ill causing wind. In other forums, it is believe that vampires in spirit form can suck your life force and cause illnesses. Rather than saying ancient folk medicine is archaic, realize that they have cured people for centuries using salt and still do, even if their explanation wasn’t exactly scientific.

Salt is the mother of cures. Have a bad day or just break up? Take a salt bath. It clears up blocked energy by causing a deep sense of relaxation without meditation even. Perhaps it’s the magnesium in some salts that helps with deep sleep, perhaps its a sense of stillness and warmth enveloping you like a hug from mother nature.

Sometimes we can’t move forward because our body is missing nutrients causing our mind to waver and be unfocused, or our aura is filled with negativity from the outside world and within. Or if you chose to believe it is the work of curses or bad spirits it can all be cleaned with a salt water bath. And only when it is clean can your intention be sent out like a laser beam.

I recommend people try it before listening to any meditation, and you will find your intentions and desire may manifest much quicker than someone who doesn’t use salt in their rituals. What have you got to lose? You can keep the salt in pretty bottles to help bring beauty in your world and focus your intentions.