1361206_brotherhood_at_sunset__2Consciousness is energy and energy remains conscious. Long after your family members pass away, their bodies may be gone, but their energetic emotional burdens don’t just disappear. Sometimes, the child unknowingly inherits these burdens on an energetic level. Often times the sadness, regret, anger or unresolved issues passes from generation to generation creating what appears to be the so called family curse.

Just as we inherit physical traits, we also inherit emotional traits. Recall in my last blog how I spoke about emotions being the “magic” that attracts situations. If we unknowingly walk into an energy field left by our family and ancestors, we unknowingly attract their conditions. You can find proof of this when you sign up for a Family Constellation session, easily found on meetup.com. Many people who start are skeptical thinking these demonstrations are scripted or pre planned until they volunteer and are given a folded piece of paper to allow energies to come through. Then they find themselves acting like the person on the paper, reliving that person’s exact emotions. Because they are not related to the client they have no idea what they will experience or what it means. But the client will many times understand the story is meant for them because of the exact replay.

So this leaves me with the impression that these people are either still with us in energy form, or the client has downloaded these emotions and carries it with them everywhere thus creating similar responses from people near them. Some may call this channeling, while most of us don’t realize sometimes our emotions aren’t our own.

I have a close friend who is a descendant of the Lizzie Borden family. He talks about how he observed that most women on his mother’s side eventually become insane. One should be afraid, but for me it’s a rare treat to speak to the surviving family members of a notorious accused axe murderer. Turns out he also has an ancestor that was a witch who supposedly fell into a fireplace and died. No one knows who killed her. Strangely familiar…no? The account though was retold in the book Killed Strangely: The Death of Rebecca Cornell

This is not to scare people into believing they will constantly relive their ancestor’s demise. But it is an attempt to awaken everyone as why things happen the way they do when/if they do happen. Some children because of the love or loyalty for the family member become entangled with the same life script. One must work had at breaking these life scripts by choosing acknowledge the problem, forgive past mistakes made by their family has made, since really, no human is perfect. Because in attempts to resolve and forgive one can let go and begin to live their own life, making better choices than their parents and their parents. Only by allowing these energies to past through to tell their story through other human bodies, can the client and the energies that surround her feel they have a voice. Thus leading to one’s own resolution and being able to let go.

And that is how to get rid of the so called family curse.