The three killings also known as (San Sha) is a feng shui affliction that affects different sectors every year. It changes at the beginning of the Chinese solar year and really shows it’s effect beginning of the Chinese lunar year. It is said to bring three types of misfortune: loss of loved ones, loss of fortune and loss of reputation. Your loss in fortune can come in several ways, perhaps it is lack of employment, bad speculation, wrong timing, robbery, accidents or general unforeseeable disasters. Because of this it is very important to protect yourself if you live in homes with the front door facing this way or reside in the sector with the three killings star.

You’ll notice it tends to repeat in cycles of 4 years. Those who are of a certain zodiac type will be affected more than others.

[sc name=”Three Killing”]

Here are some general precautions:

  • Do not renovate this sector
  • Do not disturb like slam doors
  • Do not have your back facing the three killings for prolong periods
  • Rather, face the three killings
  • Summon the help from the three divine Celestial Guardians by placing them in the afflicted sector.
    • Pi Yao
    • Fu Dog
    • Qilin