The future is in your hands.

There are three types of predictions I want to discuss in this article that every aspiring spiritualist should seek to be familiar with: psychic predictions, astrological predictions, and self-creation. As curious creatures, we all want to know what the future holds. And sometimes we are so tangled up in self-doubt we simply wish someone else would give us a roadmap, and so we seek out psychics. I do believe some messages are truly future glimpsing but most are future painting. Meaning some psychics hold such convincing visions that when you share this vision with them you both are creating this future reality together. But a real psychic generally can see things you haven’t spoken about yourself RIGHT NOW. They may see your energy, hear your tone, view you posture, receive snapshots from your mind, or download some information from an unknown source. Either way, there are always many bits of data about you around you that only a skilled and still mind can pick up. But just because they know the now doesn’t mean they know the future.

The problem with going to a psychic is giving your power of creation to them rather than being your own powerful manifestor. And then it becomes their fault when you don’t achieve their vision of you. I’ve tested thousands of psychics and came to realize their subconscious mind is not yours. But nevertheless, I enjoy chatting with them for entertainment value. Children should never see an irresponsible soothsayer, because certain words can last a lifetime. And because these mystics are given so much power by the parent, it can really set a course for the child, since they will think about this in the back of their minds for years.

There is value however in being your own psychic. Since you have a better vision of all the things that are happening in your life, whereas a stranger only has a snapshot. Learning the use of divination tools forces you to still your mind and let your subconscious mind do the talking. Maybe there were signals in the stock market you ignored because you wanted it to go a certain way, for example. You don’t have to tell anyone you use these tools to nudge or reconsider a decision. As powerful as we are as individuals for our own destinies, there other conscious minds that causes our environment to fluctuate and not go as planned.

In future articles, I will discuss how to use divination tools such as pendulums, tarot cards, dowsing rods, remote viewing, dreams and more.

The next is astrological predictions. This is the only tool you can use to backtest since the data is readily available all over the internet. Rather than using it as the holy grail of predictive tools, I would use it the same way I use statistics, to give you a hint at a highly probable outcome. This would be the most intelligent use of astrology since again the future is not set in stone, our conscious awareness can shift outcomes. Most of the time we are operating on autopilot until we are aware enough to ask…why am I doing this?

With astrology, current astrological placements can show the general masses’ subconscious drives, while your own natal chart can point to your own subconscious drives. And your transits show how you interact with the current environment.

If you find you are having difficulty manifesting a vision for yourself, knowing astrology can answer why. There is an aspect of timing that either work for or against us. While this is not to be used as an excuse, it can help you recognize the world we share with others and how if we go on autopilot our motives can be affected by the energies of the planets, just like it can be affected by the weather. The goal, in the end, is to not let outside conditions set our fate, rather it is to regain our power and stay still in choppy environments.

Stay tuned for future articles on astrology.

Finally, there is the self creating. We predict through guiding our vision to the desired outcome given all the forces against us. Divination will help you ponder what you missed, astrology will help you time, and it will be up to you guide that vision through rough waters.

It sounds easier than it actually is. If you’ve ever tried to have no thoughts during meditation, you will soon realize your mind is actually not 100% under your conscious control. You actually only have short moments of control. Not only are you fighting the collective vision, but you are also fighting your own internal programming and conversations. While many of us think we’re logical non-emotional creatures, life will test us with losses. That emotional funk can cloud our vision and manifest more negative visions like a magnet. The purpose of knowing these many tools is to help you shift your vision and know what obstacles you must overcome.

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