924206_32902585Have you ever said to yourself “I was positive but still didn’t get what I want”? Wanting something positive and actually being in a positive vibration is two different things. Who doesn’t want more love, who doesn’t want more money? But can you maintain that image of getting it  long enough before something negative whispers in your ears and you focus on that instead? Like why getting what you want wouldn’t be good for you. Or why you will miss out on something else if you took what you currently wanted?

Are you sure you were being positive? Or were you externally being nice, yet internally comparing yourself to others and complaining or vice versa? That is not being positive. There is the voice of the heart and the voice of the mind. They often are at conflict with one another. It is not until they meet will you have what you desire.

I once pretended to be a genie and listened to people’s wishes. Most of you guys don’t know what the heck you want. You say you want this, the opportunity comes and then you want something else. That’s why you are not getting it. Here’s an example, you want love but then you list why being in a relationship would cramp your style, or how no one is worthy of your love. You can’t get love if you don’t love. Sometimes you get something that appears to be love but ends up being a stalker who ends up hurting you because you never really loved them. Get what I am saying?

Your heart may want your ex back to be like it used to but then we list a thousand things wrong with them, or we imagine how we will get even with them which is not obviously not love. Or we end up talking ourselves out of an opportunity by prejudging it.

We want a lot of money but we won’t dedicate our lives on learning how to make it grow, for fear of appearing greedy or selfish or conniving.

In all those cases you were positive in your wants…the intention was pure, until it wasn’t. If you don’t believe me, list all the things you want but currently don’t have, and list all your positive beliefs and all your negative beliefs about the subject to see which side wins out. Got it in your mind? The fact that you can list any negative belief proves….you were not positive. Yes, I tricked you to force you to be honest. I’m clever like that.

If you can list negative beliefs in any category. It is time to invest in self improvement. Recordings are cheapest, but I recommend a live sessions and do it until what you want does arrive. If it doesn’t keep on looking for those negative beliefs and squash it! Exorcise it for the negative energy it is.

The energy of this world is very easy to mold to benefit you. But you need to know what you want. It is more than have faith, it is about getting rid of thoughts that hold you back….and then have faith. If you truly believe what I am saying, within minutes or days of reading this….your life will change for the better.