A feng shui cure is most effective when you create harmony in your environment. To do so you must also use the right elements or else you only have part of the problem addressed. In this article we’ll go over the available materials your cures may be made of and it’s effectiveness.

Consider the color of the object you wish to use to enhance or suppress certain sectors. Reds and browns should be avoided in the annual #2 or #5 sectors. However, gold and silver color is can be used to suppress those numbers. Reds are generally good feng shui enhancers in the south, southwest, and northeast otherwise.

Resin is the most affordable option. It represents the creature and all it symbolizes, however,  can can still be upped a notch.

Green Resin is an affordable alternative to real jade. It is actually a mixture of resin and jade powder, thus giving it a solid feel rather than a light plastic one. If you can afford it, real jade carries the influence of Venus and can be place in southwest or northeast sectors to enhance good opportunities in love or studies. Items made of gemstone can be used in those sectors enhancers as well, unless afflicted by the annual #2 or #5.

Metal decor is the strongest remedies for sectors affected by the annual #2 or #5 stars. Otherwise, metal is used to enhance northwest and north sectors. Just be aware some metals oxidize and will require cleaning to keep it’s energy moving. Oxidation represents decay and stagnation, and we don’t want that.

  • Gold – represent the sun, power and wealth
  • Brass – second to gold, used in defensive magic to send the energy back
  • Bronze – combination of tin, copper and or silver
  • Silver – acts as a receiver, opens intuition, wisdom, and psychic sensitivities
  • Copper – conducts energy, moves energy from one location to another, healing, ruled by venus
  • Tin – represents Jupiter, resistant to corrosion
  • Iron – represents earth, grounding and protection from spirits