963075_red_thoughtsWhether you are happy or suffering, remember your thoughts have life. Some people get more of the same things because they think of the same things. At first, it may not seem like anything, but later one may question why certain things always happen to them. Stop and ask yourself why ARE you always attracting the same conditions? The answer may be as easy as, “because you are always dwelling on it.” People who say you attract what you are, can’t be any more wrong! Chances are you are NOT that way because you dislike people that are that way and do everything you can to be a better person. But yet they come out in flocks taunting you.

Here’s why. Hate, dislike and fear are emotions. Emotions, my friend, is magic. When you dislike something to judge it, these emotions act like magic to attract more. Lovers who love, seem blessed by God, but really they bless themselves because love begets more love, but the minute jealousy enters whatever you imagine starts becoming a reality and the relationship can break just as easily. Another example would be women who hate certain types like cheaters, cheap bastards, drug dealers, etc, tend to find more entering her life. It’s as if her emotions act as a beacon for certain types to see her as a green light.

So you don’t like these things? The best thing you can do when faced with things you hate is ignore it. Feel it’s not important, because hating something doesn’t make it go away. Instead you are giving your mind instructions to psychically seek these circumstances out so you can hate some more. Remember there are two sides to your brain. There is the conscious side that regulates the “I must not” command, and then there is the subconscious that just observes and says “I want more.” Sort of like when people who hate horror, but for the life of them can’t turn off the news about the latest serial killer. Why do we torture ourselves? Whyyyyyyy???? Because we have two sides to our brains.

So if you know your emotions attracts the things you think about, isn’t it wise you think about things that make you happy? If you see your future as successful, happy and abundant, what you are doing is sending the psychic signal to retrieve more of that. And you know what? It works every time. It may all seem like magic, but really that’s how consciousness works.

There is a theory consciousness created life as we know it. It’s been at it for thousands if not millions of years. So like all things that have to evolve, it’s a very advanced feature most humans have. We have it because we are simply aware of it. Try it out.

For the ladies, find something you really love or want…like say a wedding dress as an example. Just imagine how gorgeous you would look, how everyone will be looking at you smiling. How are the vases arranged? Where is the cake? Imagine ONLY the good and most blissful experiences…because, if we start worrying or doubting we get that too. You’d be surprised how many bachelors are waiting to get married! Men can try their version of this as well. Whatever makes you happy. It is also important to NOT share your thoughts with others who can bring you down with their “reality.” The moment they interject, it may cause you to feel sad. And what did we say about emotions? Right.

So while our individual consciousness can’t manifest a reality for an entire group of people because universal consciousness is an ancient and evolving process, you can manifest your own life the way you feel right now. Just pick good feelings.