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Does Money Meditation Work?

You might be wondering does money meditation work, or is this another one of those magical thinking principles? I’ll tell you what doesn’t work: negative thinking, worrying and spending all your time researching arguments to prove it doesn’t work. We can argue our way to success or we can argue our way into analysis paralysis. […]

Do Binaural Beats Work?

In this article we’re going to discuss whether or not binaural beats work. First what is a binaural beat? A binaural beat occurs when there are tones of different frequencies in each ear. The difference is the binaural beat. For example if one ear plays 110hz and the other plays 120hz the binaural beat is 10hz. That’s […]

Self Improvement

Why embark on this path of self improvement? For one, it can help your relationships and your relationships are the foundation of your existence. Whether it be your relationships with  your coworkers, boss, or loved ones, it is important to continually pay attention to how your attitudes affect your environment, either bringing you much pleasure […]

How to Connect With Spirit

Do you want to get a better connection with your spirits? This article will give you some ideas on how to improve your meditation so you can connect with your spirits. There are many levels of connection, and it depends on your natural abilities,  daily practice and actually having a spirit there. You can speed up your […]

The Law of Attraction

To sum it up the law of attraction that is currently commercialized is really the law of attention. The law is, you get more of what you pay attention to. You want a rolex? Pay more attention to a rolex and suddenly you will have a desire to buy it. Somehow you will be motivated to save […]

Speed Up Your Manifestation

In this article we’ll discuss the role of time and how to speed up your manifestations. When I first started this path of inquiry, I always wondered if magick was real. I’d see some online ad and then would always see the disclaimer that magick takes time and you can’t expect something instantly or overnight. Being the […]

The Magic of Salt

Whether you chose to see salt as a metaphysical tool to get rid of negativity, or a substance that can be described scientifically to heal you of various maladies you are right either way. While it can be argued both scientifically and metaphysically why it works, the fact remains that salt just works. Because before there […]

The Truth About Being Positive

Have you ever said to yourself “I was positive but still didn’t get what I want”? Wanting something positive and actually being in a positive vibration is two different things. Who doesn’t want more love, who doesn’t want more money? But can you maintain that image of getting it  long enough before something negative whispers […]