We are in a new era. I decide to restart this blog to give my audience hope and control over their lives. It’s 2021. And we’re in for a wild ride. Sometimes I feel like I woke up in an alternate reality, much like Man in High Castle. One minute I was enjoying magic, next minute I am watching the chaos of USA’s pluto return. More on that in my other musings.

I first started my magical journey as a hypnotist and meditation guide. As I went further into the mind and was able to access incredible manifestation abilities and psychic gifts. I witness the truth about spirits. Then it all stopped. As if the gifts were stripped away. And being normal was the punishment.

So while I was in this time-out phase I had to rethink how I wanted to make a living not working the 9-5. How could I get more freedom and more wealth so I could pay my bills, enjoy the company of animals, spirits, and not get stuck in the hamster wheel of life? And that’s when it happened, the whole world froze.

So I’m about to unfreeze it. Hang tight.

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